The Write Place – Location, Inspiration
Whitestone Arts, Keighley, West Yorkshire 

THE WRITE PLACE celebrates the impact of location on creativity, kick-starting the weekend with practical writing exercises that draw inspiration from the beautiful setting of Whitestone Farm.

Enjoying the luxury of time and space, you will be encouraged to take an holistic approach to your writing, by ruling everything in – seeking inspiration from your own personal experience, your current surroundings, your thoughts and feelings, and your observations of the everyday and the unique – to create characters and to explore where and how to start writing a play.

Understanding the tools that good playwrights use is an essential part of the creative process: What is dramatic action? What makes a scene? How does structure make or break your story?

Through a rich blend of fun, accessible, and practical exercises, games, analysis and discussion, you will learn what you need to know about the craft of playwriting and how to apply it to your play so that what is written on the page transfers to the stage.


For more information, including a provisional programme for the weekend, click here.

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