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“Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself ... He has been the Royal Court’s secret weapon for years.”

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Ola's Directing For The Royal Shakespeare Company

A promenade show. Out doors. Free. Summer time. Culminates in a party at a nature reserve....? Enough said.

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Ola Interviews Simon Stephens and Katie Mitchell

To hear Ola's interview with the writer and director of WASTWATER click here.

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New 'Useful Links' Page for Writers

Euphoric Ink's new Useful Links page displays many of the most important new writing organisations across the  country. Click here to access their websites where you can find useful resources, sign up to workshops and newsletters and check out additional links pages.

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One Day Course in New York - 10 April 2011

Euphoric Ink is running a one day course at Manhattan Theatre Club on Sun 10 April - PLACES ARE LIMITED! The Euphoric Ink ‘Play in a Day’ one day workshop is a gift for anyone who’s got a dream; a secret; a truth; a question; a thought; an idea; some news; some gossip.….and wants to share.

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