Euphoric Ink
“Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself ... He has been the Royal Court’s secret weapon for years.”

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Running Against Traffic

Nadine is doing a sponsored 10k run on Sun 10 July 2011!

All funds raised will be donated to Leeds Anti Sex Trafficking Network (LAST), which seeks to highlight the realities faced by trafficked women worldwide, ... To find out more about the RUNNING AGAINST TRAFFIC campaign click here.

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Interview On Colourful Radio This Friday

Why has Ola chosen to focus on older writers after spending 10 years of his career searching for and nurturing young playwrights? Find out more on Colourful Radio,  11.35am, Friday 10 June 2011 with Karla Williams.

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Ola Starts Rehearsals For ADELAIDE ROAD Today

GET INVOLVED VIA TWITTER! Today's question: where's the best place to fall in love?

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Looking For New Writing Opportunities?

So are we! Click here to check out the latest competitions and calls for scripts. IF YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR WRITERS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROMOTE? If yes, email [email protected]

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