Euphoric Ink
“Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself ... He has been the Royal Court’s secret weapon for years.”

Nadine Khadr Renton

Nadine has 10 years of experience of working in theatre and the arts as a project manager, producer, facilitator, script reader and performer.

After setting up the community participation programme at Leeds-based Carriageworks Theatre, Nadine programmed the new venue during its first three years of operation.

Since moving to London, Nadine has worked closely with Graeae Theatre Company for over three years. Other companies she has worked with recently include the National Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre and Leeds-based Red Ladder Theatre Company.

As a writer, Nadine has been supported by the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Soho Theatre. She met Ola through a project at the Royal Court where what she enjoyed most was the opportunity to meet playwrights.

"As a writer, I know how hard it is to share your work, to trust someone enough to share it with, to call yourself a writer and most importantly, to put pen to paper."

"With Euphoric Ink, EVERYONE is writer - no matter what experience you have.

All you need to do is write."

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