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“Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself ... He has been the Royal Court’s secret weapon for years.”

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Free Scriptwriting Master Class in Pimlico - Tuesday 16 June 2015

On behalf of the Royal Court, Ola is delivering a FREE intensive 4-hour scriptwriting workshop at South West Fest in Pimlico. Bring your idea for a great script and Ola will give you tips on how to develop your ideas and see your script come to life. Or bring a script you are already working on and get Ola’s expert help to have it ready in time to enter into the SW1 writing competition.

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New York Massive - Soho Rep Workshop Sold Out Within 48 Hours

“We’re great at singing, dancing, sprinting, and fighting…so why would we bother writing for the theatre?”. With these words, in October 2004 ... Ola Animashawun launched his groundbreaking initiative, Critical Mass. So called as it was designed to create a critical mass of British playwrights from minority ethnic backgrounds, to truly represent the diverse range of voices in contemporary British Theatre. Purposeful, wilful, provocative, mischievous, intelligent, cutting and sharp – these are the foundations on which he built the Critical Mass, playwriting programme ... So join him as he presents ‘Has It Got Legs?’ – a three hour workshop that scrutinizes his idea ... and your ideas...

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The March 2012 Intro to Playwriting Weekend

Check out some pics and thoughts from the writers we worked with during Euphoric Ink's our March weekender...

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On Reflection ...

...But we did ask them to think about the dynamics of how people work, what makes them tick, how once they have a goal no matter how simple or basic – they will give full commitment to it, nothing will get in their way really, and they are willing, able and ingenious in devising ways to overcome any obstacle to that goal in order to get what they want. And guess what?’s amazingly compelling and eminently watchable…..teaching point #3....

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