Euphoric Ink
“Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself ... He has been the Royal Court’s secret weapon for years.”



"A very gifted teacher who taught me a huge amount in a very short space of time and really inspired me ... I loved the variety: exercises, games, working in pairs and groups, reading things out, listening to what other people had written etc. There was a constant changing of gears and that was incredibly engaging and a great way of learning."
Pearl Doherty, Video Director

"The course was more than I hoped for ... I felt that some very important tools and values had been imparted to us... Ola was warm and gentle, yet sharp and insightful."
Rob Turnock, Research Fellow in Media and Arts, Royal Holloway University

"A thoroughly inspirational weekend. My head is brimming with ways to tackle some of the problems I've had with my writing. What a luxury too, to spend an entire weekend, talking purely plays and writing."
Sarah Thomas, Technical Assistant

"Ola's approach may end up being the 'missing ingredient' that will get you writing"
Sasha Frankland, Writer/Actress

"The Fast Track weekend revitalised my approach to playwriting at a time when I couldn't see the wood for the trees. Providing the fundamentals of the craft ‚ the course was inspiring. I left with clarity and renewed determination. Thank you."
Dan Horrigan, Director, Writer, Teacher

"Really good to find an inclusive group of like minded people ... (I) actually developed my idea into a more coherent form."  
Danny King, Writer

"I really enjoyed the intimate feel ... lots of chances to feedback, ask questions ... (Ola is) very friendly, welcoming, not at all intimidating and very knowledgeable."
Jane Upton, Writer

"Refreshing style of teaching ... Reignited my interest in taking my writing seriously ... Great food, great people!"
Kate Buchanan, Creative

"I thought the workshop really was very helpful and insightful, and I'm sure I will use a lot of the tools that were mentioned throughout." 
Rebecca Delgado, Creative

"My ideas for my one woman show have been re-ignited thanks to your course."  
Virginia Thompson, Actor

"Loved the course, inspiring but highly practical." 
Liz Wright, Editor

"What a fab weekend, I got so much out of the time and now feel like all I need to do is get some of my ideas out of my head into the universe!"
Maya Wasowicz, Actor


"Ola, thank you. Inspiring, arse-kicking evening. You've given us a quick rundown reminder of the basic things we need to keep in mind. I'm going to print out my notes and pin them up when I write!'
Jackie Kane, Writer/Director

"I reckon there could be a really valuable dramaturgy book in Ola!" 
Esther Shanson, Actress/Writer/Choreographer

"Ola, you proved that true passion is playfully contagious: it spread across the room of the Geneva Press Club like the aroma of freshly baked croissants-au-beurre. You put on a great show. And showed me what I need to learn, and muster the courage to do, to put on mine. I loved your red shoes." 
Jo Christiane, Writer


"I attended an EI workshop a year ago and left the weekend feeling thoroughly motivated to complete a piece of writing. As a result I have had a performed reading at Theatre 503 and I have actually finished the full length script. Ola and Nadine were incredibly helpful whilst I was trying to finish my play and through their script report service I gained invaluable advice. I knew that there were weaknesses with the play but wasn't sure exactly where or why. They were able to pin point quite clearly where the weaknesses  were and gave suggestions on how they might be improved. It saved me weeks of chasing my tail! I would recommend any writer  to use their script service for insightful feedback.  It is totally worth the money!"
Lisa Omlie, Production Manager

'Intelligent, insightful feedback - lots now to think about!'
Nancy Hirst, Artistic Director, Icon Theatre

"I was very impressed by the script feedback I received from Euphoric Ink. It was incisive, thoughtful and showed a great deal of attention to detail (more than I’d been able to do myself!). For the level of feedback and benefit I received from Ola and Nadine’s report, it was amazingly good value.  I can’t recommend it highly enough to other writers."
Sarah Naomi Lee, Writer


"As a writer one of the most important aspects of creating your play is knowing who to trust for insightful and truthful feedback. Euphoric Ink have earned my trust ‚ I left with a feeling of optimism and joy‚ that actually writing is not as difficult as you think." 
Dan Horrigan, Writer


"Ola Animashawun is blessed of a wisdom that arrives like happiness itself. You cannot help but be inspired and delighted that you are in his company, and that he is talking to YOU about YOUR PLAY. I learnt a great deal from Ola's belief in the transforming power of theatre. His ability to motivate writers and get them believing in the power of their own voice is a truly gorgeous thing. He has been the Royal Court's secret weapon for years."
Jeanie O'Hare, Former Literary Manager, Royal Shakespeare Company

"Ola Animashawun is a teacher of the highest order. His presence in the development of playwrights in the UK over the last ten years is massively under rated. Laura Wade, Lucy Prebble, Chloe Moss, Jack Thorne, Mike Bartlett, DC Moore; Alia Bano, Bola Agbaje, Polly Stenham and countless more owe massive amounts to him. He teaches with immense clarity and understanding. He taps into his considerable experience and releases it with infectious enthusiasm and humour and conviction."
Simon Stephens, playwright, Royal Court;National Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith,The Bush, The Royal Exchange

"Euphoric Ink is a writer-centred company lead by practitioners with experience and understanding of the challenges in developing and producing new plays. Ola Animashawun can not only offer incisive dramaturgical support but also invaluable advice on how best to find a home for your work within the theatre industry."
Neil Grutchfield, former Literary manager of Hampstead Theatre


"Ola was always honest, objective, thoughtful and encouraging in his comments and made hours in an over-heated room fly by ... Ola gave me the confidence to take my writing seriously and since then I've won the Westminster Prize for new playwrights; had work produced at Soho Theatre, BAC, Canal Cafe Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, Broadway Theatre and Edinburgh Festival"
Sabrina Mahfouz, Writer

"Thanks for all you taught me and I have to tell you, in my world you have replaced Oscar Wilde and Join Maya Angelou as the pair who will write my education manifesto: The Secrets of Educating While Entertaining."
Joan Carty, Writer

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